2017... Blocks 3 and 4 for Wendy

Now that I have have one blog post done I may as well get into my second 😂
You would think it would be easy peasy to chose 4 fabrics a year to feature in 4 economy blocks. Nope! It's actually harder than you think. Well it is for me at least. There are so many pretty, bold or quirky fabrics out there from so many awesome designers. Crazy talented people.

I would love to here your suggestions for fabrics that you come across this year that you just LOVE!

Eye candy of some of the fabrics I had that I was auditioning to use. Lots of Cotton + Steel in there and some a little left of centre.


Manufacturer:Art Gallery Fabrics
Designer: Amy Sinibaldi
Range: Abloom Fusion Collection - He Loves Me [Abloom]

Manufacturer: Moda
Range: French General - Pattern #13829

Manufacturer:Art Gallery Fabrics
Designer: Amy Sinibaldi
Range: Charleston Collection - Arianas [Cream]

I am not sure where I got the Moda French General fabric but I came across it in my…

2017.... Blocks 1 and 2 for Wendy

I know I have been rather slack when it comes to this blog goes
This idea came about after a funny and somewhat cheeky conversation with Wendy. 
Wendy had posted an Instagram picture of a quilt she had made for friend. I have to say its a pretty freaking amazing quilt. So of course I commented saying "So we are friends now right? When will I get my quilt?" As I said cheeky. Wendy messaged me and we got to chatting. 

I have posted the guidelines that we came up with should you feel like buddy-ingup with someone to do your own swap.Here are the basics again
I mentioned doing a swap. We needed rules so we hatched a plan....
The same block - Economy Block
4 times a year - once per quarter
The centre needed to be a feature fabric and that fabric HAS to be from the year the block is made. the next square a solid fabric and then finally the outer square as a low volume.

Oh! Did I mention we are going to do this for 10 years?? Yep we are kind of crazy lol
Because we came …

Our Guidelines


My first blocks for Tamara

I have to admit I was a little paralysed when trying to decide what fabrics to use for the feature fabrics in our very first block swap.

Just to recap a bit: Tamara and I have decided to make economy blocks and include a feature fabric from the current year in the centre, surrounded by a solid, and then low volume fabrics.  We may change this up and swap the positions of the low volume and solids, but our feature fabric will always be the centre square.

I was hard to settle on that feature fabric.  So hard people!.  Just so damn hard.

It wasn't just that I don't really know Tamara yet, it was also because there are so many great fabrics released each year.  Trying to narrow it down and to just two felt impossible.

I had a bit of a snoop on Tamara's instagram feed, but was still in a world of indecisive pain.  In the end I just decided to play it safe for the first block and went for a good old red, white and blue combo.

For my feature fabric I used  the red Flock Cotton an…

In the beginning....

Well this just might be the most madcap idea for a quilt swap ever.  Like, I mean, e.v.e.r!

Just a few short weeks ago I was celebrating a quilt finish and, as you do, I posted a few pictures on my personal Instagram account.   

The Shouty Quilt, Juy 2017
The quilt is made from fabrics selected from a number of different Anna Maria Horner and Tula Pink fabric collections and lots of HSTs in various sizes.  Its a large quilt at 90 x 99 inches, and while a HST is a HST, this particular layout is my own design.  I've named this big girl The Shouty Quilt, as she's not exactly low volume.

I run an online shop ( more about that another day), but I purchased all of the fabrics for this quilt from fellow Aussie quilt shop owner Kate of Kate Quilts.   Kate asked me if she could repost the picture and it was on her Insta feed that I started having  a a bit of banter with Tamara.

The Shouty Quilt will be given to a dear friend of mine for her 50th birthday late this year. 

When Tamara got win…